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Bern on her "perch"

If you've ever had an old, poorly functioning cloths dryer you know how your jeans never quite get completely dry. This causes you to place them somewhere so that the air can complete this task. What better place than hung over a door? Especially if you live in a small apartment with minimal space and two cats. So it was, that jeans were hung over the tops of doors around here and this was the critical first step to discovering Bern's hidden talent.

The other member of this household is a full sized cat named Bucky. He is a Siamese so, while he is a dear friend, he can get quite ornery at times. He will chase Bern occasionally, but she is athletic, fast and amazingly resourceful. In a mad dash one day, fleeing at a brisk pace she found herself bounding from my desk to the very top of the door. It's an average door by all accounts (only 1 3/8th inches wide) but she had no problem perched there in complete safety from Bucky. It was also lucky that a pair of my jeans were hung there as well. This gave her some purchase for her claws and allowed her to make the jump.

Of course I wanted the gentle Bern to have a place of solace away from the temper and ill will of Bucky. But then she began to scratch the jeans and my first reaction was to stop her.

Imagine that!

But despite my protests she persisted in her art and when I took my jeans down weeks later there were these wonderful artistic patterns that she scratched out with her small claws. It was then I realize that I had an artistic cat and from that day on I encouraged her.

This eventually grew into KDJ Inc and today Bern lives a happy productive life doing what almost no other cats can do, both create art and buy her own food. She is a true success!