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Bernadette is wild at play, but overall a very peaceful cat. Most times she will not let you pick her up, but if you only wait a little while she will come and sit on your lap. She was found abandon on the streets of a large Wisconsin city just before the frigid chill of winter.

Most are shocked by her size, as was I when I originally saw her. She is a real live miniature cat, appearing to be about 15 weeks old. She is very thin and athletic even though she is almost 3 years old. (this is a veterinarians estimate based on plaque buildup on Bern's teeth) She lives happily with her room mate Bucky, a purebred Blue Point Siamese cat, that helped start this whole idea. (see "how it started")

When she is not working on her art she enjoys Fancy Feast, running and jumping to touch walls at heights of over 5 feet, wildly batting the pointer on any computer screen and sleeping.