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Do you sell jeans?

No, we have no jeans for sale. KDJ is strictly a distressing company and keeps no inventory of any kind.

Do you really have your cat distress these jeans or is this a joke?

This is no joke. We guarantee every pair of jeans sent to us will be worked with Bernadette's claws until she deems it a work of art, or until your allotted time runs out.

Are you serious, you put your cat to work?

Actually yes, but she only works when she wants to and lives a pretty cushy life. I am proud of her not only for her artistic ability but also for her initiative and ability to provide for herself and support her family.

Does Bernadette get bonuses for working hard?

Yes if she has a good work week there are pay incentives in place, mostly consisting of Fancy Feast and cat nip.

Can I come and visit Bernadette and tour the factory?

Thanks for asking but we do not have tours at this time. Bernadette is a sensitive artist and does not like to have her daily routine disturbed or take too many visitors.

Is Bern well cared for, or do you secretly work her like a slave?

When I found her she was abandoned on the street, she had no shots and hadn't been fixed. I took her in and got her these things along with a happy family life. Sure she works hard, but she enjoys her art and frequently rewards me with lap sitting and other signs of affection.